The City World War 2 Memorial in the Guildhall Square
Captain WB Thomson whose memorial is in the Royal Garrison Church
The Roanoke Memorial by the Sally Port
The Memorial to the men of HMS Orlando in Victoria Park
A First World War battlefield cross in St. Wilfrid's Church
A Memorial Mine at Gunwharf

Memorials & Monuments In Portsmouth

If the history of a city can be told through it's monuments and memorials then the story of Portsmouth is rich indeed. These pages tell much of that narrative but they are far from static as new memorials are still being unveiled and new stories revealed.
The site was launched in June 2002 with a list of 159 memorials that were then known to the City Council. This group formed the foundation of our research which has now expanded to cover over 1000 memorials and monuments.
The Memorials & Monuments in Portsmouth project gratefully acknowledges the assistance it has received from the Imperial War Museum, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Portsmouth City Council Museum and Record Office, the Norrish Central Library and numerous other organisations. We are indebted to the late John Owen of Havant, to Cynthia Sherwood, Peter Rogers, Jennifer Stringer and many occasional correspondents, and to Francis Lovering for his work on our databases.
This site is dedicated to the memory of all of those men, women and children commemorated on the Memorials in Portsmouth.
Tim Backhouse
In recognition of the contribution this site makes to the study of history in Portsmouth, the City Council have decided to support it's maintenance in the form of a sponsorship grant which is a nice way to celebrate it's 10th anniversary.